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Motorcycle Accidents

Martinsburg Lawyers Advocate for Riders Hurt in Motorcycle Accidents

Dedicated West Virginia attorneys seek payment for injuries and lost income

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a scenic trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains or just getting to work: riding a motorcycle offers a special kind of excitement and sense of freedom. Part of the thrill is feeling the wind in your face as you ride, but being out in the open means you are at a greater risk of serious injury if a collision occurs. At our Martinsburg firm, the Ferretti Law Office PLLC, we help clients from Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties collect reimbursement for lost income, medical bills and other available damages related to a motorcycle accident. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience in these actions and use what we’ve learned to assist injured bikers and enforce their right to hold careless drivers accountable.

Proven litigators handle all types of motorcycle accident claims

More than two dozen fatal motorcycle accidents occur on West Virginia roads each year, and the numbers of crashes causing injury is many times that number. In personal injury and wrongful death cases, our accomplished litigators press for justice on behalf of riders who have been hurt or killed. We conduct thorough investigations and are well versed in unsafe behavior by drivers that trigger motorcycle injuries, including:

  • Sudden lane changes — Drivers who fail to signal when making a lane change or who make sudden shifts without looking pose a serious danger to riders. West Virginia motorcyclists are prohibited from lane splitting, so a rider who is injured while driving between lanes of traffic might not be able to recover damages after a collision.
  • Speeding — Breaking the speed limit compromises a vehicle operator’s ability to make quick adjustments. Moreover, the damage in a collision is much greater even with a slight increase in velocity. Where a car’s excessive speed is a factor in a motorcycle accident, we press to hold the negligent driver accountable.
  • Opening car doors — Inexperienced motorists, and even those who have been driving for decades, sometimes open a car door into traffic, creating an unavoidable obstacle for bikers.
  • Driving under the influence — Even if someone is not cited on the scene for driving under the influence, our attorneys can review other evidence to learn if a driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol.

We have a strong record advocating for Eastern Panhandle clients in cases arising from motorcycle crashes, car accidents and other instances of negligence. Starting with a free consultation, our lawyers will develop a detailed strategy suited to your situation and needs.

Assertive Berkeley County lawyers work to secure compensation for bikers

It’s important for bikers to wear protective items such as gloves, pants and jackets. However, even the most prepared motorcycle rider can’t completely eliminate the possibility of injuries such as road rash, fractures, broken bones and spinal cord damage. Despite the fact that West Virginia requires all riders to wear helmets, there still is a significant risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury. You might not be able to detect the effects of a blow to the head immediately, so it’s best to discuss your situation with a qualified adviser.

Established firm advises on steps to take following a motorcycle collision

Unfortunately, drivers and possibly even some police officers might hold a bias against motorcycle riders when an accident occurs. If you’ve been in a collision and no one requires urgent medical attention, it’s best to report the incident to the police, answer factual questions honestly and take down relevant information regarding the parties, witnesses and conditions. Don’t try to win your case at the scene. By staying calm and recording the facts, you will increase your chances for a favorable legal outcome.

Contact an effective West Virginia motorcycle accident lawyer for a free consultation

Ferretti Law Office PLLC represents West Virginia clients in litigation arising from motorcycle accidents. We practice throughout the state’s Eastern Panhandle, including Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties. For a free consultation at our Martinsburg office, please call 304-596-8854 or contact us online.

  • ""I turned to Ferretti Law Office PLLC. Mr. Ferretti came to the hosptial to visit me. We had a long discussion and I knew immediately that he would be the person to represent me. It's certainly one of the best decisions I've ever made. He frequently made compassionate inquiry about me and kept an ongoing gathering of medical information with extremely detailed aspects of the accident. " -Jerry K. Beightol " - Jerry K. Beightol

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